Go out into town with a Chinese flare! Neo Blythe Pretty Peony Final Specs!


Peony is knowledgeable on a lot of different subjects, so when her friends ask her questions she’s quick to answer! There’s a lot of fans of hers that love her fashion too. She stays humble even when her friends praise her, and she becomes friends with everyone naturally too.

Peony looks great in modern Chinese-style fashion.
A lot of that essence is visible in the textiles and detail present in her clothes. Her flower patterned dress is decorated with Asian style knot embroidery and the side slit evoke a very elegant beauty.
Her hair accessory is a beautiful butterfly! A round stopping bead and fringes give it a striking look.
The lustrous black bolero she wears is also decorated with an embroidery of a red butterfly.
Her pochette uses a drawstring mouth and red Asian chord for the strap. She wears kneehigh socks and black lace-up boots.

Her face type is Radiance+, and her face color is fair.
Her hair is bobbed, and her hair color is ink blue.
Her eyeshadow is brown, and her cheeks and lips are salmon pink.
One of her front facing eye chips is a special light purple color.


Face Type: Radiance +
Face Color:  Fair
Makeup: Brown eyeshadow, salmon pink lip, salmon pink cheek
Eye Color: Light purple (front *special), blue (right), pink (front), green (left)
Eyelid: Default
Eyelash: Default
Hair Color: Ink blue
Earrings: N/A
Manicure: N/A
Set Includes: Doll, dress, bolero, hair accessory, pochette, high socks, boots, shorts, and stand (17.5 cm)


Preorder Starts February 5,2018
Release date: February 16, 2018
Price: 16,900 JPY

*Hair has been styled with a comb in this image photo.
*Details may change.

Sugar Sugar Rune x Junie Moon Dollywear Collab!


“Magical Stripe” and “Stardust Black” printed dresses are coming!

Sugar Sugar Rune is Moyoco Anno’s magical love fantasy story.
Chocolat and Vanilla fight to collect the hearts of those in love to decide who will become the Queen of the Underworld!

Their friendships, their love, and the quirky and beautiful world are something to behold.

Junie Moon Dolly Wear will be releasing a pair of dresses inspired by this world with Magical Stripe, a monotone bordered look that would befit any good witch, and Stardust Black, a design that features both Chocolat and Vanilla as stars.

Give your Blythe a witchy makeover with these Sugar Sugar Rune collaborations!

Junie Moon Dolly Wear
Magical Stripe / Stardust Black
22cm Doll Sized (Neo Sized)
Includes: Dress
Packaging: Card paper, plastic bag
*Does not include doll, doll shoes.


Price: 2,800 JPY
Release Date: January 20th (Sat)
* Only 10 of each available.

Happy 2018! Junie Moon Lucky Bags are here!

Welcome 2018 with the much anticipated Junie Moon Lucky Bag!
This is a special promotion.  Blind bags are sold and customers get the surprise for what is inside!  Junie Moon Lucky Packs are limited ONE PER CUSTOMER. Multiple orders will be cancelled.  Sold on a first come, first served basis

We have 3 kinds of lucky bags available:


June Moon Lucky Bag- 100,000 JPY
(Blythe Doll & Zakka)
Contents: 2 Neo Blythe, 1 Middie Blythe, 2 Petite Blythe, approximately 27 pieces of Blythe goods.
Price: 100,000 yen
5 available


Possible doll list includes the following and others:

Allie Gabrielle
Bloomy Bloomsbury
Cassiopeia Spice
Cinnamon Girl
Curly Blue Babe
Hatsune Miku Meets Blythe
Heart of Montmartre
Honey Bunny Once More
Inspired by Pinafore Purple
le jardin de maman
Prima Dolly Melon
Red Delicious
Tea For Two Encore
Veronica Lace

Cool Pool Lemonade
Little Duchess Georgette
Little Lily Brown
Melanie Ubique Girl
Oski tebyA lyublyU
Parson Grace
Twinkle Princess

Cocoa Butter
Suzume no Uta
Tick Tock Rabbit
Ho, Ho, Ho
Muchacha Zukin
Lily Wild
and more!
** Customers cannot request which dolls are in the lucky packs. All goods and dolls are surprise until the customer receives the package.


June Moon Lucky Pack- 50,000 JPY  
(Blythe Doll & Zakka )
Contents: 1 Neo Blythe, 1 Middie Blythe, approximately 18 pieces of Blythe goods
Price: 50,000 JPY
4 available


Possible dolls:

Bow Wow Trad
Cherie Babette
Cherry Beach Sunset
Dark Rabbit Hole
Junie Moonie Cutie
Marrakech Melange
Snowflake Sonata

Alicia Cupcake
Cherish Me Always
Contessa Margherita
Francoise Ananassa
Nekogutsu Zukin


Junie Moon Dollywear Set Lucky Bag- 13,000 JPY
Contents: 5 sets of Junie Moon Dollywear
* Neo and Middie both included at random.
Price: 13,000 JPY
3 available


Please note:  

These dolls are not covered by the exchange policy by either Junie Moon nor TakaraTomy.  They cannot be returned.

The dolls have been taken out of the outer carton and examined through the window of the display boxes, but they display boxes have not opened.  From what can be seen through the window, the doll makeup looks fine, the hair, body, and outfit cannot be examined.

Junie Moon Lucky Packs are limited ONE PER CUSTOMER. Multiple orders will be cancelled.  Sold on a first come, first served basis

Kimono Secret, now available from Junie Moon Dolly Wear!


Transform your Blythe into a authentic Japanese lady with this new kimono dress set!
Perfect for the new years celebrations that are coming up, or even for casual tea parties!
It mixes a good ratio of modern and classic, which makes it easy to use in any situation.

The designs are Plum and Camellia, with two different color ways for each pattern.
The obi is authentically made, with gold brocade weaved into the fabric for the obi age, obi jime, and shoulder decorations.
The obi is all made in one piece, which makes it very easy to strap on.
The hair ornament is a velvet ribbon with three different flowers attached.
It’s backed with a comb which makes attaching to hair simple. Part your Blythe’s hair with this ribbon!




Junie Moon Dollywear “Kimono Secret”

22cm Doll Sized (Neo Blythe)
Set Includes: Kimono, obi (obi age, obi jime), hair ornament
Package: Card Paper, plastic bag
*Does not include Doll, doll shoes.

Release: December 20, 2017
*Pre-sale at all Junie Moon stores
Price: 7,980 JPY

Frolic in the sun-dappled rose garden of CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe Majesty of Hearts!


Don’t be afraid of the Queen of Wonderland; her Heart is gentle and welcoming!

Majesty of Hearts wears a princessly dress with a little bit of Goth sprinkled throughout.
Her outfit is separated in under and over dresses, with the under being a middie sized dress with a heart pattern sprinkled throughout, a casual look perfect for outings. Her full outfit includes a large dark red overdress with a beautiful shine to it. From the large collar that reaches the face, the volumetric skirt with the playing cards and rose motif, and the large ribbon on the back, this dress is hard to ignore.

Many of the accessories are original to this outfit! The crown headdress is made of dark red velour and gold fake leather, with a rhinestone heart in the cross. The choker is made with a satin ribbon with a smaller heart-shaped rhinestone. The earrings are different per ear: one is a heart and the other a Q.
The garter tights are printed with a medley of cards, crowns, Q’s and A’s, with a heart at the toes, all shelled in an elegant pair of four strap shoes.

Her face type is Radiance Renew, and her face color is a translucent cream.
Her hair is a light brown/brown mix, cut straight across the bangs with a slight perm.
Her makeup consists of brown eyeshadow, rose pink cheeks, and a blooming rose pink on the lips with a slight line in the corners of the mouth.
The eyes are light orange, blue, light blue, and grey, all special.
Her eyelashes are also a special brown color!


Face Type: Radiance Renew
Face Color: Cream (Translucent
Makeup: Brown eyeshadow, rose pink lips lined at the corners, rose pink cheek
Eye Color: Light orange (front), blue (right), light blue (front), grayish light brown (left) *all special
Eyelid: Slight beige
Eyelash: Special light brown
Hair Color: Light brown/Brown mix
Earrings: Heart/Q shaped ear rings (one pair)
Manicure: Pink
Set Includes: Doll, dress, overdress, crown, earrings, choker, panier, rights, shorts, shoes, and stand (12 cm)

** Junie Moon International will announce purchase information for this doll after the New Year holiday. **

Release date: January 30, 2018
Price: 24,900 JPY

*The hair has been set for the image.
*Features are subject to change.

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